Eat, Pray, Love – In London (And the countryside)

I was recently in London hosting some of our top travel agent clients. I had a bit of free time one day so I set out to see two hotels I knew I MUST see and dinner at the new “it” restaurant in London.

Eat: Shaka Zulu – So a dear friend recommended I take our clients to London’s new “it” restaurant Shaka Zulu. When I went to their web site, I immediately thought it was not a good idea. You see, because I’m African-American, I did not think it was a good idea that I take my top clients, who all happened to be Anglo-Americans to a restaurant whose theme was an African tribal leader! One conversation with the sales manager and I quickly changed my mind. However, I still had to check it out prior to taking my top clients there. So I went it a day prior with my colleague that was in town with me. Shaka Zulu is in the Camden section of London actually in the center of the Camden Market. Once we were greeted by the hostess, we were taken to a section of the bar where the sales manager awaited us. The drinks are so fresh, you hardly know that you are consuming alcohol. These bartenders are atrists! There is a two story statue of Shaka Zulu in the bar. Because it was a Saturday night, there was a DJ mixing the right music to set the mood. You see, Shaka Zulu is restaurant, bar, and part night club. The staff primary goal is to create a beautiful experience. They are so good, you don’t realize that there is a team of people taking excellent care of you. The food was PERFECT! Hands down one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. Secret: The beef is from the Queen’s own working farm, Sandringham. Shaka Zulu is the FIRST & ONLY place that has authorization from the Queen to say they have beef from her farm. So the next time you are in London, have drinks and dinner here. You won’t regret it!

Pray: Four Seasons Hampshire – I have always dreamed of having an English country estate. Now that I’ve been to the Four Seasons Hampshire, I don’t have to spend all that money on one. You see, the Four Seasons Hampshire is a perfect English country estate. Spend the day riding a horse, walking the trails or shooting skeet! Once you have finished your outdoor activities, duck into the spa that used to be a horse stable and get rejuvinated. I call it a rejuvination stable! The rooms are just what you need after an active day: Serenity!

Love: The Savoy Hotel London – Originally opened in 1889 The Savoy quickly gained a reputation as THE luxury hotel in London. Closed in December 2007 for what was to be a £100 and 1 year renovation, quickly became a £220 and 2 year renovation. This was due in large part to structural work that had to be done. It was worth the wait and the money spent! The Savoy is still The Savoy, only better. The rooms are beautiful & elegant and YOU are the celebrity, not the rooms. The lobby is grand. The American Bar is classically “American”. I had the best martini of my life. The General Manager, Kiaran MacDonald, greeted me just as he had just greeted Jude Law & Guy Ritchie, who happened to be there having a drink. The Savoy is a Tina Turner sang, “Simply The Best“!


One response to “Eat, Pray, Love – In London (And the countryside)

  1. fab post. like the idea of the Shaka Zulu restaurant! will have to try it out myself sometime.

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