The Villa by Barton G!

In 1994 I took a leave from my job to return home (Winter Haven, FL) to work on a congressional campaign. We ventured to Miami for a weekend of fundraisers. On the Saturday afternoon I walked down from my hotel on South Beach to The News Cafe. Famous for its newspapers from around the world and a great chicken sandwich. I found a table on the sidewalk, grabbed a New York Times, and ordered a chicken sandwich. A few minutes later I noticed the guy at the table next to me was Gianni Versace! The fashion mogul had walked down from his estate a few blocks away for his afternoon newspaper reading and lunch. While I was not one who wore his clothes, I did own a bottle of his cologne. We exchanged greetings and went about our reading and eating. From that moment onward I was a fan!

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was in Miami on sales calls. On my last full day in Miami, I had a few hours between my last appointment and a client dinner. My friend Melanie recommended I check out The Villa by Barton G, the former Versace mansion that had been recently transformed into a 10 guest room hotel. My site inspection appointment was at noon and I arrived precisely at noon. As I approached the gate, it swung open and I was greeted with a bottle of Voss water and a welcoming smile. I was nervous because I was about to enter the former home of a fashion icon. Simply put, Barton G has restored the mansion to what is very close to Versace’s original work of art. In every detail he honored Versace’s vision. From the mosaics, dinnerware, curtains, sheets, and staff, this hotel exudes romance. As I saw the guest rooms and public space, I only thought of returning for weekend with my wife. You see this is the kind of place women love to be and the men that bring them here are happy they brought them here!

When I walked into the guest room that was formerly Versace’s bedroom, I knew right away whose room it used to be. With its double king sized bed, oversized closet, and luxury amenities, I felt an energy that I have rarely experienced. I MUST stay in that room with my wife! And so should you!

Pictures really don’t do it this hotel justice! You have to go stay there to understand the how beautifully sexy this hotel is.

Where is my Versace cologne?

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2 responses to “The Villa by Barton G!

  1. Fabulous…it is on my list for my next visit to South Beach.

  2. Kier, the last time I was at Versace’s was for a presentation by the Kempinski Group of hotels…it is a beautiful place…I love the pool area, and the mosaics are just fabulous. We didn’t get to see the private rooms, so thank you for posting pictures. I guess I’ll have to go see it again now. Thanks!

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