The K List: A few things Kier thinks are great! Vol 3

Makari Catering – Simply one of Seattle’s best catering companies! From holiday meals, desserts, or lessons, this is the company to call if you want tradational southern comfort food. They can cater to your style needs. Be it a upscale dinner party or a casual gathering of friends. Their food will have your guests begging for seconds. My favorite: The Pound Cake. Just writing about it has made me stop and place an order for one! Ring them up to cater your holiday party!

Paupaiz Fine Coffees – Coffee Company in Wine Country? Napa Valley, California is home to many of the world’s most prestigious wine companies. In 1976 at the Paris Wine Tasting, California wines from the Napa Valley won in a blind tasting competition against their French counterparts. A year later, Ward and Dorothy Clark, founded a coffee service company that would later become Paupaiz Fine Coffees. In the early years, Paupaiz was a reseller of commercial brand coffees, but that all changed in 1988 when Paupaiz invested in a 40kg hand built Diedrich coffee roaster. During the next several years, Ward created recipes for some of the finest roasted coffees in the world. Twenty-one years later, Paupaiz roasts coffees to the same flavor profiles and in the tradition established by the founders. I recommend: Organic Moka Java, Espresso Red, and Napa Valley Blend!

Vinturi – Traditionally, decanters were used to expose wine to air. However, decanting is time consuming, cumbersome, and inconvenient. Vinturi’s design speeds up this process with ease and convenience. Perfect aeration in the time it takes to pour a glass. Simply hold Vinturi over a glass and pour the wine through. Vinturi draws in and mixes the proper amount of air for the right amount of time, allowing your wine to breathe instantly. It’s that fast & that easy! You get better bouquets, enhanced flavors, and a smoother finish! I got mine at Nordstrom.


One response to “The K List: A few things Kier thinks are great! Vol 3

  1. Kier – you are spot on with all 3 of these items. There is nothing better than a great local Catering company, superb coffe and easy ways to transform wine into great wine through air!

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