The K List: A Few Things Kier Thinks Are Great!

A few things I took a shine to this month:

Hotel 41 – This hotel is one of those places you can’t stop yourself from describing as an “understated oasis,” even if you can’t imagine what an overstated oasis would look like. The lighting is low and kind, the service is nimble, and the rooms have the sort of excellent decor that you want sit in all day and skip meetings for. Or better yet, decorate your own bedroom. The hotel lobby is small and to the point, check in/out, concierge service and the staff with ready smiles. The bar is the place to be on Thursday and Friday nights with a staff that is right there when you need them, and happy hour menu that has exactly what you are looking for and the $$ you like. Don’t be surprised if you bump into celebs there enjoying a drink as well. I did! It is a half a block away from the center of Times Square, yet feels like miles away because you hear not a peep from all the tourists or the cars. On the other side of the hotel is the New York Times (my favorite newspaper). It is not expensive like most other NYC hotels and you would never know that by the service. This is my new favorite NYC hotel and look forward to my return. Insider tip: Stay in one of 2 Penthouses! They are worth every extra penny.

AuthentEscapes – This is not your parents tour vacation! Tuscany with Bocelli & Ferragamo. Machu Picchu with Shannon Sharpe. Charter the Time Bandit from Deadliest Catch. My friend and travel industry trail blazzer Malaka Hilton has started the true Insider Expierence travel company. Hilton is as smart as she is funny and knows a thing or two about luxury travel, you see, she owns one of Florida’s premiere luxury travel agency and is the “go to woman” for insider access! I have worked with and traveled with her, so I can attest to the fact that she has the ULTIMATE insider connections! At last year’s ESPY Awards & VIP reception, that I attended with Hilton, I found myself chatting with Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Stevie Wonder, and Mike Tyson. Although, the Tyson encounter was a bit overwhelming to say the least.

Harnn – Talk about ultimate! Harnn is natural home spa products with inspirations from the Essence of Asian Heritage. Unique Asian approach to well being bases on establishing the natural balance of the body, mind and environment for health, happiness and natural radiance. Made from such products as Rice Bran Oil, Pmegranate, Lemongrass, and Black Tea, these products are the BEST and HEALTHIEST one can find. I know because I have used some of these products myself! Traditional Asian arts provide inspirations for unique & award winning packaging to delight the mind and enrich the expierence. Created in 1999, Harnn has become a world leading Natural Home Spa product brand with exclusive soncept shops and flagship stores in 22 countries. The only store thus far in the USA is in Bellevue, WA. Simply walk in and see for yourself. You will be inspired to buy all that you can carry. If you don’t live in the Seattle area, you can order online!

Enjoy The K List!



3 responses to “The K List: A Few Things Kier Thinks Are Great!

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  2. Hotel 41…”the lighting is low and kind….”…great description!

  3. We are about to announce something very cool at AuthentEscapes either tomorrow or Friday so stay tuned.. the experiences just keep getting better and better… keep looking at our site.. thanks Kier !

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